Editor’s Note-tcbmag.com

Editor’s Note-tcbmag.com

And an invitation to receive a weekly newsletter, TCB Briefcase.

For the past few years, my associates and I have assiduously discouraged readers from paying attention to our Web site, which has ranked among the weakest offered by any publication in America. Yes, we sometimes had to let on that our editorial calendar and advertising rates were posted there, but we seldom did so without cautioning people not to expect much else. I have personally, without a tincture of equivocation, described tcbmag.com as pitiable.

Well, we’ve changed that. After nearly a year of noodling, planning, benchmarking, second-guessing, and forging through agony-inducing delays, an all-new iteration of tcbmag.com is fully launched and ready for your first visit. Our goal has been to make it the best among all Web sites produced by regional business magazines throughout the country and among all business publications in Minnesota. We hope and expect that you will find it worthy of frequent visits in the months to come.

What will you find on the site? A lot. It will include “Daily Developments,” a digest of major business news stories of the day; no-less-than-weekly commentary by Senior Editor Gene Rebeck and several other observers of Minnesota business; a business calendar, updated daily; and profiles, features, and columns from Twin Cities Business magazine, some with added multimedia content. An archive of nearly all the stories that have appeared in the magazine since January 2006 will be searchable by issue, topic, names of individuals, and names of companies.

The site’s navigation includes “Superstars,” a menu that leads you to profiles of Minnesota Business Hall of Fame inductees and other TCB honorees. “Ideas and Opinions” includes a number of thoughtful and thought-provoking business “white papers” and a variety of links to other sites that tcbmag.com Editor Kelsey Lundberg and members of the Twin Cities Business editorial staff believe you will want to know about. “FactFinder” will take you to rosters and resources found in the Twin Cities Business “BIG Book,” or Business Information Guide; in Arrow, the Resource Guide for Growing Companies; and in the annual Minnesota BioSciences Industry Directory.

Because you have a life outside of your career, we also offer “Living Well,” a compendium of places to dine, diversions, apparel and accouterments, and other ways to attain “the best revenge.”

There are two things the site is not. First, it is not the magazine repeated electronically. Although the print and electronic formats share some content, the magazine and site complement, rather than replicate, each other. Second, the site is not finished. In the coming year, my associates and I plan to keep refining and enhancing the site with more features.

And then there’s TCB Briefcase. This month, we will launch a weekly e-mail newsletter designed to complement both Twin Cities Business and tcbmag.com. Initially sent to at least 13,000 subscribers and friends of the magazine, it will include “The Latest: What’s New This Week”; “Black Book: Minnesotans You Should Know,” “The Slant”; and “Look What We Found for You.”

I’m not describing each of those items because we’d rather show you. I invite you to register to receive a free subscription to TCB Briefcase by logging on to www.tcbmag.com/newsletter. The newsletter will be lively, informed, colorful, and unpredictable, and filled with insights, news, and know-how—easily worth the six to eight minutes I think you will want to spend with it every Tuesday. (If I’m wrong, it will take you about 12 seconds to unsubscribe.)

Do me a favor: Sign up for it today; trust that if you like the magazine, you’ll like tcbmag.com and TCB Briefcase.

But first, read this month’s issue, starting with the cover story.

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