Don’t Cancel Your Event

Don’t Cancel Your Event

Live streaming an event can be the best option during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are three events that work well as webcasts.


Fundraisers are often the lifeblood of a non-profit’s operating budget. Canceling the event or postponing it may not be an option financially for many organizations. But taking the event online and creating a virtual experience can be a win-win.

During this pandemic people are told they need to stay home, yet they want to contribute and help. A virtual fundraiser allows them to support the organizations they feel passionate about while staying safe and doing their part to stop the spread of the virus.

AV providers have set up studios in their warehouses to be able to live stream events for their customers so they can still get their important message out and accomplish their financial goals.

Guests can watch the stage presentation just as they would while attending an in-person event. Testimonials from the podium, along with emotional videos highlighting the organization’s mission and goals, can be just as powerful over a live stream.

Auctions can take place through bidding software, too. Organizations can help facilitate virtual viewing parties so guests feel connected with their friends as they watch the stream together virtually.

Annual Corporate Meetings and Awards Banquets

Annual corporate meetings and awards banquets are important chances for organizations to share their message and honor achievements. Now more than ever, employees need to hear from their leadership and honor their colleagues’ accomplishments. By partnering with an AV company with a studio setup for live streaming, companies can still broadcast these messages to those who need to hear them.


The unfortunate timing of the pandemic means many high schools and colleges will have their graduation ceremonies impacted. While friends and families won’t be able to gather together, a live steam of the ceremony could be something they can all experience at the same time. School officials can make their speeches, while valedictorians and student speakers can share their own stories. At the same time, bands and orchestras can record individual performance videos and then edit them into collaborative works that become part of the stream for all to enjoy.

What the world needs now is more ways to connect, not less. We can achieve that by not canceling these important events but sharing them virtually together.

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Josh Reitan is the owner of AV For You. He has a BA in Communications from Augustana University. AV For You has been providing audiovisual services for the past 18 years. Reitan is an active member of ILEA Minneapolis. He recently spearheaded AV For You’s expansion to offering virtual events from their in-house studios.

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