Don Shelby Partners with St. Paul Clothier for Necktie Line

St. Paul-based King Brothers Clothiers has introduced the ShelbyKnot Collection, a line of neckwear that shares the name of a knot made popular by Don Shelby.

Longtime WCCO news anchor Don Shelby is best known locally for his journalism career.

But there’s also a necktie knot named after the local celebrity, who is now partnering with a local clothier to launch a line of men’s neckwear that bears his name.

St. Paul-based King Brothers Clothiers announced the partnership on Saturday via its Facebook page. The new line, dubbed the ShelbyKnot Collection, “crosses demographic lines and combines timeless style with today’s trends,” the company said.

At least two local men’s clothing stores will carry the ShelbyKnot Collection, which can be viewed here. Martin Patrick 3 in Minneapolis and Heimie’s Haberdashery in St. Paul will each carry designs from the collection that are exclusive to their locations.

The so-called Shelby Knot is nothing new; in fact, it wasn’t even invented by Shelby. The New York Times reported in 1989 that Shelby learned the knot from Jerry Pratt, a retired official with the United States Chamber of Commerce who lived in Minneapolis. A Twin Cities company then began marketing the knot as the “Shelby” and described it as “the first new knot for men in over 50 years.”

King Brothers Clothiers, which conceived the idea for the ShelbyKnot Collection in 2011, describes the Shelby Knot as “the only knot named after a living person,” adding that “it’s a perfectly symmetrical knot and provides a perfect dimple upon every tie, every time. ” The company said its new collection “combines a great product with this this superb knot.”

To learn the steps to the Shelby Knot from Shelby himself, view the following video:

To read an in-depth story about Shelby and his journalism career that appeared in a 2010 issue of Twin Cities Business, click here.

Since retiring from WCCO in 2010, Shelby has remained active in the local journalism community. He worked a stint at before joining BringMeTheNews, a Minneapolis-based company that aggregates news from throughout Minnesota and distributes it via online, social media, and radio outlets. (To view a Twin Cities Business video interview with Shelby and BringMeTheNews CEO Rick Kupchella, click here.)