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HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-in-One

This Compaq offers some of the style of an Apple iMac, but in an enterprise-friendly Windows PC. ComputerShopper.com calls it “the buttoned-up corporate cousin to the Apple iMac.” Mac users will recognize the curved stand, tilt-back monitor, and wireless mouse and keyboard. Where they start to differ is the shell; the HP is contained in black plastic instead of the iMac’s sleek aluminum. But more importantly, this machine gives corporate IT staff easy service access via removable panels on the back. (The lack of internal access has been a drawback for all-in-one enterprise computers.) When something does go wrong, smaller offices without full-time IT staffers won’t have to haul the machines into a Genius Bar. 

HP includes next-business-day onsite service for the duration of its three-year warranty. (Apple iMacs come standard with just a one-year warranty and no onsite service.) Other business-friendly features include HP’s suite of enterprise software, such as HP SkyRoom, a collaboration tool that includes instant messaging, screen sharing, and videoconferencing. The optional HP ProtectTools security software offers facial recognition logins using the built-in Webcam. The machines run between $830 and $1,100, depending on features. That’s a notch below an iMac but still a step up from budget tower PCs. The HP Compaq 6000 is a good option for offices that want the clean, decluttered look of an all-in-one in a PC environment.


Dell Optiplex 990

Optiplex is Dell’s line of powerful, no-nonsense enterprise desktop PCs. The latest edition, the 990, comes in four sizes, from a standard minitower to an ultra-small form, which can mimic an all-in-one with a snap together stand. The larger version topped Apple’s iMac in a performance test by PCMag.com, which concluded it was one of the most powerful business desktops available. The speed comes from an Intel Core i7 2600 processor. The machine also isn’t slowed down by bloatware—trial software that comes pre-installed on some computers and can drag down performance. 

The minitower version contains two, linked 500GB hard drives, which means the computer keeps running even if one of the drives dies. The machine features easy, tool-free service access to the hardware inside, encryption options, and a security lock slot,; it also comes with Dell’s Pro Support services. PCWorld.com concluded that the Optiplex 990 is one of the top performing business desktops, but offices with sufficient in-house IT support may want to consider saving a few hundred bucks per machine by purchasing the Dell Vostro 460, another top-performing machine that doesn’t come with service.