Dim Sum Daily

Just one of the big attractions at Jun Bo.

One of the most popular tourist experiences in Hong Kong is having a meal at the bustling, 1,000-plus-seat Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen Harbor—the largest floating restaurant in the world until it was recently fitted with concrete support pillars. The new Jun Bo Restaurant in Richfield (612-866-6888, 7717 Nicollet Avenue) isn’t as jam-packed or capacious as its near namesake, and there’s no harbor view. But with seating for nearly 1,000 people and a vast menu of specialties including salt-and-pepper duck tongue, jellyfish with sesame seeds, Hung Shu pigeon, and dry-scallop and crabmeat fried rice, this former Chi-Chi’s site offers as similar a culinary experience as you’ll find between here and either coast.


The extensive assortment of seafood dishes comes at prices just a bit more dear than at other local spots, but the quality and preparation are excellent. The Hong Kong–style Dungeness crab, steamed grey sole, and classic shark-fin soup are good bets. Equally reliable are several hot-pot dishes and vegetable stir-fries. Be sure to ask what’s fresh.

What most packs people in, though, is the dim sum. These bite-size delights of dumplings, steamed buns, and fried turn-overs that are served à la carte can be enjoyed at several places around town. What makes Jun Bo a standout is that it offers dim sum all day every day, and the list tops out at around 80 items—the most extensive selection I’ve encountered locally. I particularly enjoyed a bacon-wrapped shrimp and scallion combination and a ginger-suffused fried taro puff. The dim sum menu is in constant flux.

So some days, you might find the well-known pork siumai and shrimp ha gao, others, the not-for-the-squeamish tripe and steamed chicken feet.

Jun Bo intends to be a premier gathering and banquet spot for the Asian community. Toward that end, the staff is happy to propose a special menu for your next big gathering. Evenings feature karaoke, Texas Hold ’em poker, and mahjong tournaments. This is a happening place that’s well worth a visit.