Crêpes du Jour

Crêpes du Jour

At Meritage and elsewhere, they're the street food of the day.

Fussy little French pancakes are everywhere now. But they’ve dropped their flaming Suzette persona to become—in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as in Montparnasse—street food to go.

La Belle Crêpe at 8th and Nicollet in Minneapolis gave us the “to-go” part when it opened two years ago with a takeout menu of entrée and dessert crêpes. Now Patisserie 46, opened in July at 46th and Grand in Minneapolis, is ramping up to add classic crêpes (fruit filled, bechamel and scrambled eggs) to its fall menu.

But the crêperies creating the most buzz have taken their pans to the streets. Midtown Market Crêpes, at the Midtown Farmers Market at Lake and Hiawatha Saturday mornings, gathers savory and sweet fillings from other vendors at the market: ham, cheese, and in early July, summer squash, yellow beans, and fresh basil pesto. The crêpe smeared with salted caramel is worth the trip, too.

Outside of St. Paul’s Meritage restaurant, weather permitting, the staff is making crêpes every Tuesday and Thursday over lunch, and Thursday evenings beginning at 5 p.m. There’s always one savory crêpe—say, a spunky sausage with sautéed pepper, onion, tomato, and garlic—and one sweet, which might be folded around pineapple-mint butter or a simple slather of nutella.

Meritage’s crêpes du jour are announced via Twitter (, and one loyal patron set up a Foursquare site as well ( Meritage co-owner and general manager Desta Maree Klein says, “Street food and social networking seem to really go hand in hand.”


410 St. Peter St., St. Paul

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