Company Heir Cargill MacMillan Dies at Age 84

The great-grandson of Cargill founder W.W. Cargill suffered from Parkinson's disease, and he died Monday at his California home.

Cargill MacMillan Jr., a former executive of Minnetonka-based Cargill, Inc., and heir of the company's fortune, died Monday at age 84, according to an obituary in the Star Tribune.

MacMillan reportedly died at his home in Indian Wells, California. He suffered from Parkinson's disease.

MacMillan was the great-grandson of Cargill founder W.W. Cargill. According to a report by Forbes, the extended Cargill family still owns about 88 percent of the company, and the wealth has passed down through multiple generations. MacMillan reportedly controlled about one-ninth of the family share, worth $2.6 billion. He ranked 150th on Forbes' list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. (His brother, Whitney MacMillan, tied for 150th and was one of six Minnesotans on the list.)

Today, Cargill is Minnesota's largest private company, with annual revenue totaling $119.5 billion for the fiscal year that ended in May.

MacMillan grew up in Wayzata and began working at Cargill in 1950; he eventually worked his way up to become a senior executive. According to the Star Tribune, he's credited with the vision, design, and construction of Cargill's Minnetonka office, and he served on the company's board from 1963 to 1996. To learn more, read the full obituary here.