Code42’s New Dropbox Competitor Now On The Market

Code42’s New Dropbox Competitor Now On The Market

“SharePlan” will allow users to sync and share files using encrypted links, pin codes.

Minneapolis-based Code42 Software, Inc., a data backup and storage provider, has its sights set on Dropbox—or, more specifically, what it believes the file-sharing provider can’t offer businesses.

On Tuesday, Code42 rolled out its “SharePlan” file sync and share service after testing it for a year of limited availability.

The $10 a month service is now being offered in addition to its flagship “CrashPlan” software, which backs up and stores data for $5 a month.

Mitch Coopet, Code42 co-founder and head of products, said the service is an answer to today’s “home-work convergence phenomena.”

“I’m fairly confident most people have one phone for work and home now,” Coopet said. “End users in the name of getting work done will choose tools not in compliance with their enterprise. But IT is not providing a viable alternative that meets security and productivity needs.”

Coopet said there was a lot of pent up demand among Code42’s 30,000 CrashPlan small- and large business- customers for a file-sharing service that could offer better security. He said he couldn’t disclose forecasts for sales but indicated the company expects “great numbers.”

Dropbox, based in San Francisco and long a leading name in file sharing, fell under scrutiny earlier this year after a vulnerability was identified that allowed for private data to be read by third parties or indexed by search engines.

SharePlan will allow users to create a link to any file on their desktop or mobile device and share that file using a four-digit pin code. Users can control who accesses the file and can control access by creating expirations for the links, Coopet said. IT teams also can use the service to ensure compliance with regulations on data security, he said.

Code42, which employs more than 400 people, again made this year’s Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. It posted $39 million in revenue last year.