Code42 Hires Amazon’s No. 2 Finance Exec As Its New CFO

Code42 Hires Amazon’s No. 2 Finance Exec As Its New CFO

Jason Bristow, a 10-year vice president and treasurer at Amazon, returned to his native Minnesota Monday to serve as chief financial officer for a growing software firm.

Minneapolis-based data backup and storage provider Code42 Software, Inc., announced Monday that it hired Jason Bristow away from to serve as its new chief financial officer.

Bristow, who grew up in Eden Prairie, was vice president at Amazon and the number two-financial executive at the company. Bristow worked at Amazon since 2003; he also held senior financial roles at General Electric and Campbell Soup company, both domestically and internationally. Bristow began work at Code42 Monday.

According to Code42, Amazon’s revenue grew from $6 billion to more than $48 billion during the decade that Bristow served as vice president of finance and treasurer.

“Amazon still has tremendous growth prospects, so it’s not like I’m leaving a stagnant old company to join a young start-up,” Bristow told the Star Tribune. “Code42 is at a different point in its life cycle, and, in some respects, there’s a chance to build something here. At Amazon, there’s less opportunity to drive change from the grass roots.”

Code42 said it generated more than $40 million in revenue last year. The company was recently recognized by Forbes as one of the top 100 most promising private companies in the country.

Matthew Dornquast, Code42’s CEO and co-founder, was recently a panelist at Twin Cities Business’ Emerging Growth Forum where he shared his expertise on growing a business quickly but intelligently in a competitive industry. Click here to see pictures from the event.