Clearwire 4G Service Available in the Twin Cities

Washington-based Clearwire Corporation-which claims to operate the largest 4G network in the United States-now offers its 4G service in the metro area.

People and businesses in the metro area now have a new option for high-speed wireless Internet service.

Clearwire Corporation announced Thursday that its 4G Internet service is now available in the Twin Cities. Kirkland, Washington-based Clearwire-which claims to operate the largest 4G network in the United States-now offers its service to business and consumers in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

According to Clearwire, its 4G service-which is branded as Clear 4G-is four times faster than competing 3G connections.

Clear 4G covers roughly 2.1 million people in the metro area and stretches north to Anoka, south to Apple Valley, west to Maple Grove, and east to Woodbury. Jeremy Abler, regional general manager for Clearwire, said in a statement that the metro area will have “blazing fast Internet connection.”

“And we're proud to offer affordable rate plans with no limits on the amount of data customers use,” Abler said. “No caps, penalties, or hidden fees-our customers use the Web as much as they want wherever they go-it's that simple.”

Outside of the Clear 4G service area, dual-mode modems-which accommodate 3G and 4G service-will help keep users connected by utilizing Sprint's existing 3G data network. Clearwire offers unlimited use plans that do not require long-term service contracts, the company said. Coverage starts at $35 for in-home service or $45 for mobile plans.

Clearwire reported revenue of $274.5 million in 2009. According to regulatory filings, it is majority-owned by Sprint Nextel Corporation, and Google, Intel, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast all hold a stake in the company. Its 4G network is currently available to about 66 million people across the country.