Biggest Loser Contestant Launches Local Foundation

O'Neal Hampton, a former Biggest Loser contestant who shed 170 pounds, is launching a foundation in Bloomington to spread the gospel of healthy lifestyles by connecting obese people with experienced nutritionists, among other services.

As a contestant on the ninth season of the hit TV show The Biggest Loser, O'Neal Hampton inspired viewers all over the world as he and SunShine, his daughter and teammate, lost a combined 274 pounds.

Now, Hampton is launching a local foundation to help others live a healthy lifestyle.

Hampton will officially announce the launch of the Bloomington-based O'Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation during the Body Mind Life Expo, which will take place March 17 and 18 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The foundation's initial focus will be on helping severely obese people become healthy. Hampton told Twin Cities Business that the foundation will connect people-in Minnesota and across the country-with experienced nutritionists, and it will also provide psychological support for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Hampton also said that Mayo Clinic staff members have agreed to assist with the foundation, and he is in discussions with several gyms regarding how they can collaborate to provide services through the foundation.

The foundation will provide scholarships to help children pay for participation in sports when they otherwise can't afford it. And it will provide “grocery store tours” to educate adults experiencing financial hardships about proper nutrition choices. It will then supply those individuals with vouchers to help them purchase healthy products from those stores.

Hampton, a Richfield resident and now a frequent speaker on the subject of health, will fund the local foundation through donations from both the public and private sectors. “I speak for a lot of companies that in turn donate to the foundation,” Hampton said.

For example, he recently spoke at an ING event and helped the company kick off its wellness program-and the company in turn donated money to support Hampton's foundation.