Beta.MN Launches New Startup Contest
Photo from a prior Beta.MN Showcase (Photo courtesy of Beta.MN)

Beta.MN Launches New Startup Contest

Eight startups from past Beta.MN showcases will compete for a prize package worth $50,000.

Minneapolis nonprofit Beta.MN this week kicked off its “Tournament of Champions,” a new contest that will see eight startups compete for a prize package worth $50,000.

The startups have been previously featured in one of BETA’s eleven past showcases. Since 2014, BETA has showcased 138 startups. 

There will be two knockout rounds and a live finale event where the winner will be announced. The tournament began August 7th and will run through early September.

The general public chooses the winner through paid online voting. Each vote costs $20, and the company with the most votes wins. There’s no limit on how many votes can be cast. The donations go toward BETA’s general operating costs.

The prize package consists of donated services and technology products, including business consulting, a logo refresh, legal services, desk space, and a personal brand building workshop.

Reed Robinson, executive director and cofounder of BETA, said it's been “exciting” to check in with the companies and see what they’re working on.

Seven of the startups are based in Minneapolis. Just one startup—Extempore—is based in St. Paul.

The eight startups are:

  • Alchemy 365 
  • Civic Eagle 
  • ClinicianNexus 
  • Extempore
  • GogyUp 
  • Homi 
  • Kidizen 
  • Starting Eleven