Bestsellers: Rum River Tree Farm

Bestsellers: Rum River Tree Farm

Rum River Tree Farm discloses its busiest days for customers, and Solo Vino reveals its 'top selling sparklers.'

Everyone has their own Christmas tree buying habit. Some are inveterate Black Friday shoppers (no discounts there), others wait a couple weeks so their tree isn’t quite combustible when Santa comes down the chimney. Others look for deals on weeknights a few days before the holiday when lots are quiet and still.

Rum River Tree Farm, with cut-your-own farms near Coon Rapids and Cannon Falls, has 40 years’ experience bringing the forest to your living room, whether you cut your own at the farm or visit one of their lots in the Twin Cities metro. We asked them the busiest time to buy a tree. The answers—well, you may have known them intuitively.

Rum River Tree Farm’s best selling days

1-Black Friday

2/3-Weekend after Thanksgiving

4-The first Saturday of December

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