Best Buy Looks to Hire 200 IT Specialists

The electronics retailer reportedly plans to hire herds of information technology specialists over the next year-continuing the company's focus on digital strategies.

Richfield-based Best Buy Company, Inc., is looking to hire 200 information technology (IT) specialists over the next year-a move to take control of its IT department, which has been largely outsourced since 2004, according to a report by the Star Tribune.

Jody Davids, Best Buy's chief information officer, told the Star Tribune: “We're finding more ways to communicate with customers. We want them to interact with us no matter where they are and no mater what device they use.”

Davids claims that Best Buy is making a “strategic change” and “needs to develop its own technology talent.”

That strategic change comes at a time when Best Buy plans to shrink the average size of its new stores and build fewer of them. In addition, the company is installing automated kiosks and developing easier-to-use Web site and mobile applications-shifting focus away from the big-box model.

Best Buy's total traffic for its 2011 fiscal year reportedly totaled 1.4 billion customers-a 600 million-person jump from 2006. Meanwhile, the company tripled its online revenue to $2 billion-and it wants to double that number by 2015, according to the Star Tribune.

Best Buy isn't the only major retailer to take control of their digital operations; for example, Minneapolis-based Target Corporation last week launched a new Web site after having spent a decade outsourcing it to Amazon.

To learn more about Best Buy's plans and about how major retailers looking to take their IT operations in-house, read the full Star Tribune story here.

Best Buy is Minnesota's third-largest public company based on revenue, which totaled $49.7 billion for the fiscal year that ended in February 2010. The company reported $50.3 billion in revenue for its most recently completed fiscal year.