Best Buy Launches Multi-Channel Network

The network, called Best Buy On, includes a Web site that tackles a new technology topic each month and a component through which content and ad messaging is broadcast on screens inside stores.

Best Buy Company, Inc., is rolling out a multi-channel network featuring everything from how-to videos to behind-the-scenes looks at popular movies.

The Richfield-based electronics retailer's network, called Best Buy On, includes a Web site that it's calling an “online magazine.” The Web site will tackle a new technology topic each month-and examples listed on the Web site include the upcoming international Consumer Electronics Show and going green with technology.

A Best Buy media representative wasn't immediately available to provide further information about the network, but Advertising Age reported that it also includes another component through which its content and ad messaging will be broadcast on screens throughout Best Buy stores-including in the TV, mobile, and portable entertainment sections. According to Advertising Age, the network is deployed in nearly 98 percent of Best Buy's nearly 1,100 stores.

The Best Buy On project has been in “soft launch” since 2009, according to Advertising Age. This week, the network will really take off when Best Buy starts broadcasting its own content from Las Vegas, where this year's Consumer Electronics Show will begin Thursday.

“The goal of Best Buy On is to inform (and maybe entertain), but not necessarily to sell you stuff,” the Web site says. “Although, if you do decide to buy something, that's cool too. We just want you to get as excited about technology as we are, to turn you ON to all the cool stuff you can do with it.”

According to Advertising Age, Best Buy's network is deployed in 98 percent of its nearly 1,100 stores. Some well-known companies-including Tide, Duracell, Braun, Canon, and Sony-have already advertised with Best Buy On.

Best Buy has not indicated how much money it has put into the network or how large the marketing budget is.