Andrew Eklund’s Social Network

Andrew Eklund’s Social Network

The Ciceron founder and CEO shares his favorite follows Instagram and why he loves TikTok.

Andrew Eklund @andreweklund

Founder/CEO St. Paul-based creative media agency Ciceron

Favorite social media app: “I hate to admit it, but TikTok. But you have to curate it. Once the [algorithm] catches up with you, it can be hugely entertaining, informative, and fun. But I have never posted to it. Because no one needs that. Tied with TikTok is Instagram.”

Suggested follows on Instagram:

  • “My good buddy Chuck Olsen just relocated to Tofte, Minnesota, and I have a place up there too.
    He’s a great photographer, so I love his North Shore/Lake Superior shots.” @Chuckumentary
  • “I have a former client from Los Angeles, Rachel Samples, who turns out to have a monumentally hilarious Instagram account.” @heyfreesamples
  • “I’m a bass player and massive Phish fan, and Mike Gordon, their bassist, has a super-quirky account (shocking!) ranging from bass techniques to general oddities and great photography.”

His most popular Insta post » “I recently went to Iceland to see the exploding volcano. That shot is my most recent hit.”


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