AllOver Media Makes 4th Acquisition in Two Years

The non-traditional advertising company most recently purchased The Wide Format Shop, a Minnetonka-based print shop that produces ads for the sides of trucks and ice boxes and other large vinyl graphics and banners.

Maple Grove-based AllOver Media, Inc.-which specializes in non-traditional advertising-said Thursday that it has purchased The Wide Format Shop, marking its fourth acquisition since 2010.

The Wide Format Shop, based in Minnetonka, is a wide-format print shop that produces ads for the sides of trucks and ice boxes, along with other large vinyl graphics and banners.

Wide Format operates nearly half a dozen large-format printers that have the capacity to produce more than 3.6 million square feet of large-format vinyl products each year-enough to cover more than 75 football fields.

AllOver, which was founded in 2002, places ads on things like gas pumps, gas handles, and ice boxes. Wide Format is the fourth company that it has acquired within the past two years and the second one it has purchased within the past four months.

AllOver has placed non-traditional ads at 40,000 gas stations and convenience stores in all 50 states. Its clients have included Frito-Lay, Chevrolet, GM, Coldwell Banker, and McDonald's.

In November, AllOver bought Wayzata-based Intran Media Vehicles, Inc., which puts vinyl advertising on trucks. Intran's coverage extends to more than 250 U.S. markets, and it has advertising agreements with trucking fleets that represent about 6,000 vehicles nationwide.

Prior to that purchase, AllOver bought Seattle-based Pacific Media, a competitor in convenience-store advertising, and Atlanta-based FillBoard Media/Performance Media Works, which supplies compliance and field services to more than 13,000 gas stations nationwide and has a patented plastic advertising unit that's mounted on gas pump nozzles.

AllOver employs roughly 80 post-acquisition, about six of whom came from Wide Format.

“We will be keeping the entire Wide Format staff and will be adding additional personnel to accommodate future growth,” AllOver founder and CEO Tony Jacobson said in a statement.

Jacobson added that Wide Format's large-format printing capabilities complement AllOver's creative department, which includes a smaller-format print shop.

AllOver is a privately held company, but in November, Jacobson told the Star Tribune that its annual revenue totals between $20 million and $30 million.