AdWeek Magazine Names Its Top Ad Agency In MN

The magazine selected Fallon as Minnesota’s “top shop.”

AdWeek magazine recently named what it calls the “top shop” in each state—and Fallon received the honor in Minnesota.

The magazine said it took into account “a combination of head count, notable clients, legacy, and reputation,” although it didn’t provide detailed methodology. Only agencies that were founded in their respective states were considered.

Regarding its 50 selections, AdWeek said the following:

“Every state has ‘that agency.’ The one you can’t help but admire, or envy. The one where you’d like to work—or if you’re lucky, where you do work. The one that’s hard to beat. The one that critics moan is overrated. The one that, more often than not, just gets it right.”

AdWeek asked its readers if they agree with the list of “top shops,” saying that, in some cases, its selection process was easy and, in others, it proved difficult. One commenter suggested that the magazine should have selected a different Minneapolis agency, citing Fallon’s recent loss of Cadillac as a major client.

View AdWeek’s full list of “top shops,” including an interactive map, here.

Fallon recently took home an award for “best use of alternative media” in AdWeek’s Media Plan of the Year competition, although the magazine didn’t mention that accolade when naming Fallon a “top shop.” Fallon received the award for its campaign for IFC’s Portlandia. Fallon also recently made several changes to its management team.

In 2010, Twin Cities Business published an in-depth feature titled “The Fallon Diaspora,” which chronicled not only Fallon’s history of producing award-winning advertising, but also the fact that it spawned several other notable Twin Cities agencies.

Each year, TCB also includes a ranked list of the top 25 ad agencies in Minnesota, based on annual net revenue, in its Business Information Guide, or B.I.G. Book. Fallon ranked third on last year’s list, behind Minneapolis-based agencies Olson and Periscope.