900 Jobs Reportedly Affected By Cargill Outsourcing

900 Jobs Reportedly Affected By Cargill Outsourcing

About 300 local jobs will reportedly be affected by Cargill's outsourcing of certain IT functions, although it's unclear how many reductions will come through layoffs.

Cargill, Inc., is planning to outsource some of its IT services, a move that will reportedly affect roughly 900 jobs worldwide.

Wayzata-based Cargill—which is Minnesota's largest private company—told workers this week it will transfer some of its IT functions to India-based Tata Consultancy Services—and the transition, which will take up to nine months, will impact 300 Twin Cities jobs, the Star Tribune reported.

A company spokesperson told the Minneapolis newspaper, however, that Cargill has yet to determine how many of the 900 total affected jobs will be cut through layoffs and how many affected workers will find other jobs at Cargill or be offered positions at Tata.

Tata has a significant presence in Minnesota, and it grew its footprint here by adding a new office a couple of years ago. In fact, the company received a $500,000 state loan for its expansion—with the promise that half of the loan's value would be forgiven if the company followed through on a plan to add 150 new jobs.

Cargill reportedly employs about 142,000 people worldwide, including around 6,000 in Minnesota, most of whom work in the Twin Cities.

In 2011, when Cargill employed a total of about 138,000 employees, the company announced plans to lay off up to 2,000 employees.

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