3M Teams Up with Graphic Design Company Wrapmate
3M and Wrapmate aim to help small businesses create vehicle wrap ads. (Photo courtesy of 3M).

3M Teams Up with Graphic Design Company Wrapmate

The companies hope to encourage more small businesses to use vehicle wrap ads to boost brand visibility.

Maplewood-based manufacturer 3M has teamed up with California-based graphic design company Wrapmate to provide businesses with a new way of creating vehicle graphics.

Using Wrapmate’s platform, businesses can now generate 3D models of vehicle wrap ads. Companies plug in their website address into Wrapmate’s platform, which then scans the site for brand visuals like logos to create the model.

Aaron Mills, digital marketing manager with the 3M commercial solutions division, says Wrapmate’s technology is unique in its asset scraping and imaging capability. The company has multiple patents, along with an augmented reality app where businesses can see what the vehicle looks like in their driveway, with a wrap ad on it.

The online platform also incorporates informational tools that help businesses understand the impact vehicle graphics have on brand awareness.

“A lot of business owners have vans or vehicles that aren’t wrapped because they don’t know that’s an option,” says Mills. “We’re [finding] customers who wouldn’t have thought of doing a wrap otherwise.”

In Mills’s view, it’s all part of a mission to get more small businesses to ramp up brand awareness. Together, Wrapmate and 3M will seek out small businesses not yet using vehicle wrapping as a marketing tool.

Wrapmate will use 3M film to execute the designs, while 3M-certified graphic design installers will benefit from having new clients brought to them—instead of them having to go out and find new clients themselves.

“Designers are very busy. They don’t necessarily have time to find new business… to go out and be brand consultants,” says Mills. “This is an online digital way of [us] being a brand consultant.”

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