3M Contest To Award $10K To Best Gift-Wrapper

3M Contest To Award $10K To Best Gift-Wrapper

Talented gift-wrappers are invited to submit videos displaying their skills; eight finalists will be selected to vie for the grand prize in New York.

Do you have a gift for wrapping gifts? If so, that skill may be worth $10,000.

Maplewood-based 3M Company said Wednesday that it is accepting submissions for its annual Scotch Brand Most-Gifted Wrapper Contest. The competition calls on creative minds to “turn the simplest package into a wrapped masterpiece,” according to the website for 3M’s Scotch brand.

Entrants must submit videos that display at least one personally wrapped gift and offer a gift-wrapping tip in three minutes or less. Submissions will be accepted through September 22.

Eight finalists will then be awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City, where they will vie for $10,000. (The seven runners-up will receive prizes worth a total of $4,500.)

The finalists will compete at Celsius, a restaurant and event center in Bryant Park, on December 6 against a backdrop of holiday festivities and a live band, 3M said. Some of last year’s contestants were challenged with wrapping a giant rubber duck, a tuba, and a model airplane with an eight-foot wingspan.

Last year’s winner, Lia Griffith, wrapped a giant model airplane into a bow. According to a video on the Scotch brand website, judges evaluate wrapping based on appearance and technique, but if there’s a tie, it comes down to timing. In the video, Griffith said the contest was all about “taking the materials and using them in a way that nobody else would think of.”

3M is among Minnesota’s five largest companies based on its revenue, which totaled $29.9 billion in 2012.