21 New U.S. Target Stores in ’11, SuperTarget in MN

The Minneapolis-based retailer will open new stores in 12 states, including one in Woodbury, which is slated to open in March.

Target Corporation announced Monday that it plans to open 21 new stores in 2011, including a new SuperTarget in Woodbury.

Minneapolis-based Target said that its new 174,000-square-foot Woodbury store will include a full-service supermarket with a bakery, deli, and certified organic produce. The store will employ between 200 and 300 people, and it is slated to open on March 6.

New general merchandise stores-which will open in 12 states-will feature an expanded fresh food assortment, including basic produce, packaged meat, and baked goods. These 135,000-square-foot stores will employ between 100 and 250.

A new Target will open in Madison on March 6. Throughout the year, California will see five new Target stores, while Hawaii will get its third. Stores will also open in Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

“Target takes great pride in designing stores that meet the needs of our guests and the communities we serve,” John Griffith, executive vice president of property development, said in a news release. “With the addition of an expanded fresh food assortment, our new stores will offer guests everything they need in one convenient location.”

Target currently operates 1,752 stores in 49 states. It is Minnesota's second-largest company in Minnesota based on its revenue, which totaled $65.4 billion in its most recently completed fiscal year.