2023 Meetings & Events Resource Guide
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2023 Meetings & Events Resource Guide

Our annual resource guide connects businesspeople to event professionals who deliver a wide range of experiences.

After several false starts since the onset of the pandemic, events are back in full swing. And for business gatherings, they’re taking on greater meaning than ever before. 

“It used to be you could bring in pizza once a month for your team and that was good,” says Seth Brittain, owner of Farmington-based A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality. But after years of virtual work, he notes, people value their time more than ever, so extra thought is needed to pull off an engaging event. Brittain says events are “going a little bit more above and beyond than just having food dropped off.” Think about display, décor, and entertainment, he advises.

“A lot of people haven’t been in the office for a long time. You need to give people a reason to go so they feel appreciated.”

Nothing says thoughtful event planning like customization, says Ashley Mansy Pachkofsky. In January, her Minneapolis-based firm Poppati Events was hired to plan a company event for a group of shareholders who hadn’t met in person in nearly three years. Some of them had never met each other except virtually. 

“We need to be intentional, because this is really valuable time.” Mansy Pachkofsky says. “I build everything based around how the client wants their attendees to feel when they walk in, during the event, and after. It changes how you plan things.” 

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The 2023 Meetings and Events Resource Guide contains listings chosen by the TCB editorial team. It is not a comprehensive guide.

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