2013 International Citizen Awards

2013 International Citizen Awards

Since 1994, the International Leadership Institute (ILI) has recognized Minnesota individuals and organizations for their commitment to improve lives and communities around the globe. The Twin Cities annual International Citizen Awards honor those whose work helps foster international understanding, cooperation, and mutually beneficial relationships.

This year’s honorees include an African-born ethnic Somali couple who are thriving as Minnesota entrepreneurs, a sharecropper’s daughter who became a college president and corporate executive known for her humanitarian work, and a not-for-profit health care organization that is working to improve community health and well-being worldwide.

The awards are presented in three categories: The International Immigrant Achievement Award is granted to a Minnesotan born overseas, the International Citizen Award honors a U.S.-born citizen, and the International Corporate Award recognizes a Minnesota-based company. Nominations may be submitted by any Minnesotan.

The International Leadership Institute is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit headed by LaJune Lange, a retired Minnesota District Court judge. The organization partners with local professionals and groups outside the United States to strengthen health care systems, build capacity for democratic governance, and improve education. “The ILI looks forward to the recognition event on May 8,” Lange says. “Each one of the award winners has a deep and abiding commitment to make a positive difference in the world.”

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