2003 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

2003 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Each of this year’s inductees into the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame has crafted a remarkable career and achievements from the distinctive circumstances and opportunities of his life. Each has overcome challenges. Yet all have succeeded in admirable ways, and all remain vigorous and active even after “retiring” from top positions in their companies.

The 2003 inductees are:

• John Mooty, who combined legal and business prowess in building Gray Plant Mooty and saving two franchisors, National Car Rental and Dairy Queen

• Daryl “Sid” Verdoorn, who created what could be called a “virtual” trucking company

• Manny Villafana, a tireless developer of medical devices and companies, best known for the St. Jude heart valve

• Kenneth Dahlberg, who brought a smaller and more effective hearing aid to the market

• Richard Schulze, who nimbly adjusted to marketplace changes in building a retail powerhouse, Best Buy