2 Public Twin Cities Golf Courses May Be Taken Private

St. Paul leaders are reportedly exploring the idea of handing over management of Como and Phalen golf courses to the private sector.

The management of two local, publicly owned golf courses—Como and Phalen—may soon be handed over to private partners.

That’s according to the Pioneer Press, which reported that a request for proposals seeking applications from the private sector will likely appear on the council's October 23 agenda.

St. Paul’s four publicly-owned golf courses are “dragging bottom,” and Mayor Chris Coleman’s office and the leadership of the city council believes it’s time to explore the idea of having them managed by members of the private sector, according to the Pioneer Press.

Earlier this week, news surfaced that the Sawmill Golf Club in Grant (which is not municipally owned) is also likely changing hands. That move comes in the wake of a legal dispute.