2 MN Schools Make Forbes’ List Of Top 100 U.S. Colleges

Carleton College and Macalester College both appear on Forbes' list, which is based on 12 different measures and emphasizes students' return on investment.

Forbes this week released its annual list of “America’s Top Colleges,” and a couple of Minnesota schools appear among the top 100.

To create its annual list, Forbes partners with the Washington, D.C.-based Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The report is meant to emphasize ROI—in other words, it focuses on what students get out of college, rather than selectivity metrics pertaining to how they are selected to get in to a school. The methodology takes into account a dozen different factors, including student satisfaction (based on retention rates and student evaluations of professors, for example) and post-graduate success, among other things.

Carleton College in Northfield ranked 16th overall—not only the highest ranked-school in Minnesota, but also the top-ranked in the Midwest. (Most of the top 100 schools are located in the Northeast, followed by the West Coast; Forbes said that the Midwest is “mildly underrepresented” on the list.)

Founded in 1866, Carleton is Minnesota's third-oldest college. Forbes reported that the school's annual cost is around $60,425, and it gave Carleton an “A+ financial grade.” Learn more about the school, including its tuition costs, admission percentages, and more, here.

St. Paul's Macalester College, meanwhile, ranked 66th overall. The private liberal arts college was established in 1874, its total annual cost is about $57,478, and Forbes gave it an “A financial grade.” See additional metrics about Macalester here.

Williams College in Massachusetts topped Forbes' list, followed by Stanford University in California and Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. View the complete list here.

The University of Minnesota–Twin Cities and Saint Olaf College in Northfield just missed the cut for Forbes' top 100 list, ranking 108th and 109th, respectively.

When looking specifically at the top 25 public colleges, Forbes ranked the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities 19th in the nation. The U of M also joined Carleton and Macalester on Forbes' list of the “top 25 best Midwest colleges.”