What’s On My Desk: David Schwen, Creative Director/Owner of Dschwen LLC
David Schwen's desk at Dschwen LLC

What’s On My Desk: David Schwen, Creative Director/Owner of Dschwen LLC

A setting fit for a serious creative.

David Schwen is one of those cool creatives you picture working in a loft with exposed brick, tons of toys, and natural light. And to be sure, there’s a ping pong table at the Northeast Minneapolis offices of Dschwen LLC design studio—a sleek, modern table, at that. But with big-name clients including Volkswagen, Starbucks, and McDonald’s hiring the three-person agency known for its highly visual, social media-friendly branding and strategy, its founder and creative director does need a desk. Schwen shared a look at his.

On his desk:

Scrap paper. For sketching.
Toy figurines. As a designer, I’ve always been a fan of pop culture. I have a small collection of characters from the TV shows and movies that I like. Heisenberg from Breaking Bad is my all time fave and will always be on my desk.
Coffee. I’m a big fan of coffee. I’ll drink mostly anything, but Peace coffee is my favorite brew.
Field Notes. To capture ideas.
Emoji Hand. AKA, stress hand. It’s always on my finger!
Coaster from the Camino De Santiago. A pilgrimage I went on in Spain.

Is your office private or out with the group? Our workspace has a very open floor plan, which fits well with our fluid process of working. My desk is backed up against my production manager’s (Jess Ekstrand) desk. I’m bouncing back and forth between my desk and our production space — so this set up makes the most sense.

How much work happens at your desk? I spend split time at my desk. Sometimes I concept here, but I move around a lot. I spend other time at the work bench, creating sets and building characters for video work. The other part of my time is spent in our shoot space, where we usually have a project being shot most days. I’ll spend time editing our video work at my desk.

Is your desk always this neat? For the most part, my desk is fairly orderly — but during the heat of a project, it looks like a tornado went through!

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