What’s On My Desk: Wardrobe Consultant Alexandra Eve
Alexandra Eve's desk. ( Photo by Johanna McDowell)

What’s On My Desk: Wardrobe Consultant Alexandra Eve

Behind the styling closet of this Twin Cities-based fashion pro is a desk that reflects her style.

Clients know her love of romantic blouses and sparkling accessories, but behind Twin Cities wardrobe consultant Alexandra Eve’s styling closet is a desk. Turns out, it matches her wardrobe. Have a look.  

On her desk:  

Vision board. My vision board is filled with quotes, images for styling and design inspiration, as well as fabrics I am currently loving. 

Embellished clutch. This clutch was pulled as an option for TV personality Laura Schara for the Upper Mid-west Emmys.  Laura was the emcee for the event and I styled her outfit. 

Instant cameras. I have a small collection of vintage and new instant cameras that I love using for snapping quick photos of clients.  

Jewelry. Vintage and new pieces that were pulled as options for a client's upcoming event. 

Styling essentials. A small silver tray that holds fashion tape, safety pins, sewing needles and thread for any last minute fixes. 

Thank you cards. I love sending snail mail and especially these letterpress thank you cards.  

View from your desk? My home office looks out at my backyard and at my perennial gardens. It is a quiet and peaceful space. I live in a renovated farmhouse from 1938, so my office mixes old architecture with new pieces. I love mixing vintage pieces with new when styling clients as well. 

How much work happens at your desk? It depends on the week and the projects that I am working on, but usually about 15 hours a week. 

What’s a typical workday? There is no typical workday, but I start all days with a cup of coffee and catching up on emails. After that, I could be running to local boutiques to pull pieces for a client, meet at a client’s home for a wardrobe analysis, or spend the day at my desk styling clients virtually.  

Can you work at a messy desk? Yes! While I wish it was always perfectly organized, that is not always the case. By the end of the week, I try to file away all the notes on my desk and get all deliveries unpacked and sorted, so I am organized and ready to start the next week.