What’s On My Desk: Meghan McInerny, COO of Clockwork
The desk of Meghan McInerny at Clockwork.

What’s On My Desk: Meghan McInerny, COO of Clockwork

The guru of interactive project management shows her playful (but organized!) side.

As Chief Operating Officer of Minneapolis digital agency Clockwork, Meghan McInerny oversees the planning and execution of web, mobile, and application projects. The co-author of Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process and founder of Twin Cities Interactive Project Management Meetup group, McInerny spends her workday on client strategy and organizational operations; leading design thinking workshops and plotting new delivery processes. “It’s a mix of big- picture thinking and practical implementation, and it’s awesome,” McInerny says. 

And when she finally sits down at her desk, her Joey McIntyre doll is there for her. 


Game Developer Barbie. A friend bought it for me years ago. I’m not a game developer, but I think she saw Barbie with a laptop and thought, “Close enough!”

Joey McIntyre doll. One of my prized possessions from eighth grade. I also have two Spice Girls dolls in my office — Sporty and Ginger.

Painting.  A painting that Chank (the acclaimed font designer) made for me during Summer of Dresses (a movement to help women feel good, inside and out). It features a woman in a yellow dress with a cell phone.

Bulletin Board. On my bulletin board are photos, postcards, and name badges from a couple of conferences I’ve spoken at or attended, like Pollen’s #LikeABoss, the Digital PM Summit, and the Obamas’ 2016 United State of Women Summit.

Toy Airplane. A gift from a co-worker. She heard me say, after meeting the CEO of PepsiCo, who had come to the meeting on the corporate jet, that I had a new life goal: get a jet. So, that’s my private plane!

Private office or open area? Private office, though my door is rarely closed.

View from your desk? From my desk, I look into a lounge area where people are often hanging out and working on the couches, and into the Clockwork kitchen which is the heart of our building. There’s almost always several people working at our giant kitchen table — especially on days when it’s warm enough to open the garage door. There’s always a lot of energy and collaboration right outside my door.

How much work do you do at your desk? I’d say about 20 percent of my work is done at my desk.  I tend to work in my office when my work requires the extra monitor. The rest of the time, I’m in meetings, working in another area of the office (like the aforementioned couches or kitchen), working from home, a coffee shop, or The Coven.

Is your desk always this neat?  Yes, my desk is pretty much always this neat. I do my best thinking when the space around me is well-ordered. I’m like a chef: all about the mise en place.