What’s On My Desk: Mark Parrish, Sotheby’s International Realty
The desk of Mark Parrish

What’s On My Desk: Mark Parrish, Sotheby’s International Realty

Dream home realtor Mark Parrish unlocked the doors to his office for a sneak peek at his desk.

When he’s not helping his clients buy their dream home or giving real estate advice on local TV, Mark Parrish is sharing glimpses of his fabulous life on social media: the mansions in Orono, poolside parties, celebrity run-ins. He keeps it all in check with a dose of self-awareness. Like the poster size image of himself that looms over his desk. “I love staring at myself all day,” Parrish jokes. “It's a daily reminder to work hard and be the best realtor I can be. And yes, I think it's funny to have a blown-up photo of myself. My ego isn't as big as the photo.”

We investigated.

Poster size image of himself. I was featured on the cover Real Estate Magazine as the Real Estate Agent of the Month. My company had the photo blown up as a memento. I tried bringing it home, but my wife put a stop to that. LOL. The photo is a daily reminder of who've I become in my career. Growing up with minimal means, I've always had a drive to succeed. It's a daily reminder to work hard and be the best realtor I can be.

Photo with George Hamilton. This is a photo of George Hamilton and me at the Farrah Fawcett Cancer Foundation party last year in Beverly Hills. I love George's self-deprecating sense of humor, style, and successful career. We did a real estate podcast together where he spoofed me and had me in tears laughing. Great guy!

Leather desk organizers and paper weights. I purchased the set from MartinPatrick 3. MP3 has a great selection of desk items; this set caught my eye and added a little style to my work area. Had to have the gold bar.

Candle. I'm in a LOT of homes and see cool styles and smell new scents. I try to incorporate these into my home and lifestyle. The candle is by Le Labo, the scent is Santal 26. Like the large poster of myself that didn't make it long in my home, nor did the candle. And that is how it ended upon my desk.

Private office or open work area?  My office is private with an open sliding glass door. The overall office is made up of private-open offices, cubicles and conference rooms.

View from your desk? My workspace is 8' x 8' with an open glass sliding door. I have a bookcase behind my workspace that holds brochures of homes, marketing materials and photos of my family.

How much work do you do at your desk? As a realtor I'm out of the office a lot meeting clients, showing and selling homes. When I'm in the office I'm hooked up to a dual screen, it helps me multi-task. Otherwise I'm mostly working off my laptop remotely, hence why my desk area looks uncluttered.