What’s On My Desk: Dr. Marc Gorelick, President and CEO, Children’s Minnesota

What’s On My Desk: Dr. Marc Gorelick, President and CEO, Children’s Minnesota

Dr. Marc Gorelick thrives on cleanliness and a sense of organization at his place of work.

When he isn’t homebrewing beer, or biking to work during the warmer seasons, Children's Minnesota president and CEO, Dr. Marc Gorelick can be seen playing the tuba in the Minnesota Freedom Band. Although Gorelick has a variety of hobbies he enjoys, his biggest passion is improving children’s health. Running a hospital is a big, all-consuming job that requires him to be “on” all the time. So in his office, minimalism is key.  

On his desk: 

Coffee mug: Mostly decaf these days.  The mug was a going-away gift from my former team – our Halloween picture is on it, we’re dressed in a 50s theme.  It reminds me work can be fun. 

“Be Here Now” sign:  This was a saying we used at my former organization. The sign reminds me when I am meeting with someone, I need to be fully present and engaged. 

Dr. Gorelick's desk

Pictures: Photos of family and my residency classmates (some of the closest friends I have), as well as a picture drawn by a patient that I was given when I first started at Children’s. 

Figurines: A soapstone carving of a mother and child from a trip to Zimbabwe years ago.  They are amazingly expressive! 

Bulletin board: Among other things I have a poem by Marion Wright Edelman about the importance of caring for all children, especially those with the least.  Also, a picture of my niece Finley, who passed away at age 18 from cancer and whose passion for the environment is a huge inspiration. 

View from your desk? I look out to the east, over the Phillips neighborhood, and with a view all the way to the St. Paul skyline.  It’s relaxing, but at the same time a nice connection with the community we serve. 

Do you work in a private office or open environment? Private office, though the door is basically always open. 

How much work do you do at your desk? Not much, mainly emails or writing.  For meetings, even one-on-one, I prefer to sit at a conference table or in easy chairs, which is a much more equal and bi-directional setup. 

Is your desk always this neat? I did not clean for the photo; I don’t do well with clutter.  I try to minimize paper for environmental reasons, so that helps.

Dr. Gorelick's bookcase at his desk