What’s On My Desk: Alexis Walsko, Founder/CEO of Lola Red PR
June, the four-pound chihuahua owned by Lola Red PR founder and CEO Alexis Walsko.

What’s On My Desk: Alexis Walsko, Founder/CEO of Lola Red PR

A landing pad for to-do lists, souvenirs, and four pound chihuahuas.

There’s no corner office at Lola Red PR in the North Loop.  Founder and CEO Alexis Walsko sits out in the open with her 24 employees. “Separate offices always seemed old school and stuffy to me.  Also, I did not want to sit in an office by myself all day.  I personally want to work with the team, learn from them, and be involved.”
She—and her four-pound chihuahua June—gave us a tour.

On her desk:

Photo from Richard Branson’s Necker Island. In 2017, I went to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island with him and 30 other business leaders as part of a group called Change Makers Rule Breakers.  Richard is extremely open with every part of his life and I have this photo to remind me to always be open and accessible.
Medals from numerous races. As an entrepreneur, I never feel as if I have completed and accomplished things—I’m always tweaking. Running and finishing races gives me a sense of accomplishment. I enjoy the challenge of training.
“Don’t wake the dreamer” sign. A gift from the team.
Vikings and Wild jerseys. Our Lola Pro division represents professional athletes including many Vikings and Wild players such as Kyle Rudolph, Xavier Rhodes and Jason and Carly Zucker.
Puppy June. June loves the office and going through everything and anything on my desk. I call her my cordless paper shredder. You can follow her on Instagram @juneatwork.

Sleep masks by Colette Jaffe. I do not nap at my desk, but we do have group meditation sessions once a week, which makes me feel like I took a nap.
Vision Board. My vision board is all of the things I want in my life: a growing family, a home, adventure travel.  I look at it every day to have a visual reminder of the things I am working toward.
View from your desk? My view is of the heart of the North Loop: Washington Avenue North.  I look directly at Whole Foods and Red Cow.  In the five years that I have had this view it has been fun to watch the increase in foot, bike and scooter traffic.  

Alexis Walsko's desk

How do you use your desk? My desk is a landing pad for mail, packages, and my collection of stuff from around the world. I typically spend 2-3 hours per week at my desk.  My best and most productive places are in meetings where I can collaborate, dream things up, and make connections.   
How do you procrastinate at your desk? My mind is always processing and in many places.  For me procrastination is attempting to multi-task, which I do very poorly.
Can you work at a messy desk?  Yes. It does not bother me.  I have a collection of schnibbles of paper where I have written notes and to-do items and I typically put my computer right on top of those.