USA Today Video Profiles Local Start-Up Community

A new video report by USA Today looks at local tech start-ups and takes a tour of "co-working" firm CoCo's Minneapolis location.

USA Today recently produced a video that profiles a few members of the Twin Cities' technology start-up community.

It looks first at CrumblePop, which created a tool that allows video editors to easily lighten dark images with a single click, create split screen effects, or easily create other special effects. The start-up's leaders are now working on a “slider” device that moves a camera along a plane to create a smooth shot; they created it using bicycle parts. Another local start-up, Mobiata, has developed a successful travel app.

USA Today met the entrepreneurs while touring CoCo, a collaborative “co-working” firm in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building, and the news outlet interviews co-founder Kyle Coolbroth, who describes the area's flourishing entrepreneur scene.

Local news aggregator Secrets of the City has the video here.