The Best Advice I’ve Received as an Entrepreneur
MEND Jewelry founder Jordyn DiOrio (right) with mentor Katherine Schneewind. Photo by Lauren Engfer

The Best Advice I’ve Received as an Entrepreneur

If you don't ask, you don't get. Successful people want to give back.

I aimlessly scrolled though Instagram (we all get trapped in the “zombie scroll” from time to time), when I noticed a post from a fellow business owner feeling knocked down and almost defeated by running a company. She called out for help on how to get out of the rut they felt stuck in. This is a feeling I know all too well about.

The moment where there’s an unexpected cost, deadline or dip in the business I couldn’t predict—I immediately rush to solve (I mean, one of my top five Strength Finders IS Restorative…).  And when I can’t find a solution, I tend to spiral and either head to the gym or binge listen to as many “How I Built This” episodes as I can or hop in the bath and take a quiet moment to reset.

More important than my “stress-solving routine” is reach out to my mentors and connections to keep me focused and steady.

When I ventured off to run MEND Jewelry a year and half ago, I knew the path would be terrifying and exciting.  I spent the first six months meeting as many people as I could. I’ve thankfully been able to keep the best and the brightest as advisors to help in  tough times when I lack experience.

Couple lessons I’ve learned running a business: You don’t ask, you don’t get. And successful people want to help and give back. They are not as intimidating as their accolades lead on.

Here are the top pieces of advice I’ve received that everyone should hear:

Anne Pryor, LinkedIn Expert and Online Branding Strategist at Pryority Partnership: “Do you love yourself?  Start there, look in the mirror for 30 seconds and tell yourself, you love yourself, this impacts everything…Also, figure out and create your authentic methodology and process that adds value to others and that they’ll remember you and call on you for.”

Cathy Paper, CEO of RockPaperStar and Co-Founder of  The Frontrunner Networking Group: “Pace yourself and surround yourself with really good people. Also, I hate to say it, but, get used to rejection and don’t take it personally!”

Katherine Forrester Schneewind, Owner, Forrester Wealth Management and venture capitalist of MEND Jewelry: “Remember to stay steady and focused. A series of small good decisions everyday with your business leads to a great company long term”

Lisa Lavin, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ōmcare: “Start with the end in mind.  Meaning, have an exit strategy, it will guide the strategic decisions you make for the business along the way.”

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, CEO of Evolves Systems and Evolve Payment: While making decisions, you can hear suggestions and know what needs to be decided or the action to take, but the timing of when you hear it shared again can be the most important take-away from a mentor.”

Wendy Selig-Prieb Strategic Advisor & Board Member and Former President & CEO of the Milwaukee Brewers: “I believe that almost every big success is the aggregation of lots of small wins and even some failures. We need to celebrate the small wins as they provide the fuel to keep us going through the tough times. It’s also important to remember that successful people don’t succeed because they never failed. They succeed because they never gave up!”

Bottom line: Ask for help. Perspective from those who have been through it are proof that we can figure it out too.

Jordyn DiOrio
MEND Jewelry

Jordyn designs each treasure with one keen eye on current fashion and design trends and the other on powerful, healing symbols that both ground and inspire women. Her debut year included the launch of five collections, being featured at Nordstrom and MartinPatrick 3, and locking in venture capital. She is the recipient of Twin Cities Start-Up and Rising Young Professional awards.