Tee Up!

Golf tips from local PGA pros Gerald McCullagh and Dee Forsberg-Voss

The Step-In Routine

World-class players utilize three lines to orient themselves to the target and ball: 1) the aim line of the shot, 2) the parallel line of the body, and 3) the intersecting line from the backside of the ball. Use these lines to your advantage by adopting “the step-in routine.”

Start the routine from behind the ball and establish your target line.

Approach the backside of the ball, step in with your right foot, and place it to the right of the ball. Extend your arms and adjust them so the right elbow is lower than the left arm. Lean forward and aim the leading edge of the club perpendicular to the target line. Last, adjust your stance for width, ball position, and distance from the ball.

Common Observations of World-Class Preshot Routines:

• All great routines utilize visualization.

• Players will see the shot in their mind before they take any action to address the ball.

• The best routines anticipate the movement of the club that will be needed to strike the ball exactly as envisioned.

• Because tense muscles inhibit motion, there is a relaxation of the upper body and in particular the shoulder muscles.

• Ultimately, we find time after time that the single greatest component of a preshot routine is trust.