Matty O’Reilly


Republic, Red River Kitchen, Delicata Pizza, Bar Brigade, Spring Café




Matty O’Reilly has never met an empty space in a new complex that has appealed to him. Instead, the fiercely independent restaurateur chooses to pick up struggling locations and rehab them into winning concepts. The most recent turnaround—the restaurant at Como Park pavilion, which is now clipping along as Spring Café—fell into his lap due to his reputation. He executes these flips so consistently and effectively that he’s quietly operating six restaurants, a couple of food trucks, and a liquor catering truck, while still looking for other opportunities. O’Reilly has a knack for reading a neighborhood and, along with his culinary partner, chef J.D. Fratzke, has figured out how to create interesting but affordable menus that garner a loyal following, wherever they land.