Daniel Del Prado

Daniel del Prado


Café Ceres, Cardamom, Colita, Josefina, Martina, Rosalia, Sanjusan




No other culinary force in town has pushed forward harder since the pandemic than Daniel del Prado. His Martina and Colita in South Minneapolis weathered the storm doing takeout and limited dining, but he wasn’t gonna just sit and wait for better days. Del Prado opened the Linden Hills pizza shop Rosalia, feeding a need for casual and quick food. He followed with Josefina in Wayzata, bringing his pizzas to the lake set. One of del Prado’s strengths is that it doesn’t have to be all about him; his collaborations with other chefs have given us Japanese-Italian fusion at Sanjusan (North Loop), a bakery with Mediterranean overtones at Café Ceres (Linden Hills), and a veggie-forward museum eatery with Cardamom at the Walker Art Center. Stay tuned, more are coming.