Aaron Switz

Aaron Switz


Interbloom Hospitality



In 2014, Aaron Switz left hedge funds for an even more volatile business: restaurants. The result was Agra Culture, Sotarol, Yumi Sushi—so things worked out. But his Minneapolis-based company is moving away from fast-casual dining because rampant inflation and labor shortages have made it tough to make money in the eat-it-and-beat-it parts of the business. Restaurants are “one of the hardest businesses from an operational standpoint,” he says, “but it’s satisfying.” Moving forward, he’s partnering with chefs like Daniel Del Prado (see page 45) in Wayzata and Excelsior (Josefina, Macanda, and Layline in ’23) in a more upmarket sector. The plan is to expand into a warm-weather market where people spend with a bit more abandon.

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