Target Gives Medica Members Discounts

In a partnership that may draw Target some new customers, the retail giant is offering health benefit discounts to Medica members.

Medica and Target announced a partnership Wednesday that offers Medica members gift cards, free products, and discounted copays if they visit Target clinics and pharmacies for certain health services.
Members of Minnetonka-based health insurer Medica will now have a chance to receive a $5 Target gift card for visiting a Target clinic for a flu vaccination. They can also receive a free breast pump if they present their Medica ID card and a prescription at a Target Pharmacy. And for individuals and family members who purchase Medica insurance on their own, their copay for “convenience care” will be $10 at Target—rather than the standard $20.

Both parties cited as a key goal of the initiative increased wellness among customers—but the move may also serve to drive additional traffic to Target stores as Medica members take advantage of discounts.
Target’s convenience care involves the handling of everyday ailments like pink eye, strep throat, some vaccinations, and sinus infections. Its flu shots are available starting this fall.

According to Medica, the gift card and free breast pump benefits begin immediately but the convenience care benefit starts January 1.
“We believe these programs will help motivate our members to get care that follows recommended guidelines and best practices,” Mark Werner, Medica’s chief clinical and innovation officer, said in a statement.
Spokeswoman Erin Conroy said Target has partnered with regional and national insurance providers in the past but did not disclose further details for competitive purposes.
“Target is committed to forging partnerships that will have a positive impact on the health of our guests,” Conroy told Twin Cities Business. “Our focus is to help guests achieve their wellness goals by making products, services, and expertise more accessible, convenient, and affordable.”
Target has 1,797 stores throughout the country and 91 in Canada. Also, it was recently announced that Target paid out more cash grants than any other company in Minnesota in 2012, followed by General Mills.
Medica is a nonprofit health insurance company with about 1.5 million members throughout the Midwest.