Target Fixes Coupon Glitch Sooner Than Expected

At noon on Tuesday, a company spokeswoman told Twin Cities Business that a problem resulting in customers getting shortchanged on their coupons would be resolved by November 15; four hours later, she said that the glitch was fixed for good.

Target Corporation said that it has implemented a permanent fix that will prevent customers from getting shortchanged when using coupons.

Spokeswoman Erika Svingen told Twin Cities Business on Tuesday afternoon that the problem, which has been occurring since at least August, has been resolved for good-and earlier than the company expected. Just four hours earlier, Svingen had said that it could take until November 15 to get the glitch fixed.

Within the past few months, Minneapolis-based Target has been blasted by media outlets and angry customers across the country for not fully reimbursing shoppers when they use select coupons-particularly those that require the purchase of multiple items.

The company claims to have known about the coupon glitch since August, although some media outlets and customers have claimed that the company was first alerted about the issue in mid-summer. Target began telling people late last month that it was working on a fix, and Svingen told Twin Cities Business at that time that the problem was a “complex system issue.”

In the meantime, Svingen said that Target has “continued to educate our cashiers on this issue so they can make the adjustments as necessary” at the time of purchase. When asked whether all cashiers had been manually entering coupons, she said she couldn't provide further details about the temporary solution that was in place prior to the permanent fix.

Svingen declined to comment on why the coupon problem had occurred, why it hadn't been addressed sooner, and what was involved in the permanent fix.

She did say that “it takes time to work on fixes on our end,” adding that “we care deeply about our guest experience at Target.”

Target-which operates a retail segment and a credit-card segment-serves guests at 1,752 stores in 49 states nationwide and at It is Minnesota's second-largest public company based on its revenue, which totaled $65.4 billion in its most recently completed fiscal year.