Target Admits to Coupon Glitch

The company said Friday that it is working on solving the computer glitch that is shortchanging customers for coupons; in the meantime, it is encouraging guests and cashiers to check receipts.

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation on Friday said that a computer glitch that is shortchanging customers using coupons has not yet been fixed.

Company spokeswoman Erika Svingen said that Target was notified in August that customers were not being reimbursed for the full value of select coupons. She said the company is working as quickly as it can to come up with a solution to the computer problem, which she called “a complex system issue.”

Svingen said she didn't have information as to how long the issue has been going on, but the Star Tribune reported that it has been ongoing since at least midsummer. Svingen said Target found out about the problem through customer complaints.

“We want to apologize to guests for the inconvenience and understand their frustration,” Svingen said in a Friday interview.

The company is not sure how long it will take to fix the issue, but has notified cashiers to double-check all transactions to ensure that the proper amount is being deducted from customers' bills.

According to Svingen, customers who have not received the full amount for a coupon can bring their receipt to any guest service desk for a refund.

Target-which operates a retail segment and a credit-card segment-serves guests at 1,752 stores in 49 states nationwide and at The retailer opened 10 new stores on October 10. It is Minnesota's second-largest public company based on its revenue, which totaled $65.4 billion in its most recently completed fiscal year.