Room at the Inn

Room at the Inn

Tim Niver and company serve up a convivial space and "elevated comfort food."

The Inn, a new restaurant from the folks behind St. Paul’s Strip Club, opens in downtown Minneapolis in late November, just in time to offer holiday cheer.

A few weeks out, chef Tyge Nelson, who got his start at La Belle Vie and cooked his way through Solera and Barrio, is looking for touches of luxury to put on the menu—oysters, foie gras, à la carte steaks—but in a way that veers more toward comfort food than refinement. Small plates for sharing and hearty stews worthy of the Inn’s name will also be available for those who define luxury a little differently.

Managing Partner Tim Niver says the overriding concept is “elevated comfort food” and “a little bit more of a European spin—so not meatloaf, but braised beef short ribs. We say macaroni and cheese is comfort food here, whereas baked brie and fruit might be a European-style comfort food.” He also wants to add preserved foods to the menu: “There will be a little bit of in-house smoking; there will certainly be a little bit of in-house curing and pickling.”

Niver, who’ll still tend bar at the Strip Club, says he looks forward to watching the snow fly outside the plate glass windows facing 10th Street. And when city lights sparkle in the cold, he says, there’ll be no better drink than glögg, a hot, spiced wine fortified with brandy.

“That’s what we’re planning,” he says. “Food with a little more zip, cocktails with a little more spice.” Craft brewers put out zingier, heartier, festive beers this time of year, and Niver says to watch for those on the beer list as well.

From there, his mind moves on to other delights for his holiday guests. “My mom always made mincemeat pies . . . . Fruitcakes, yule logs—you never know what might pop up.”


The Inn
89 S. 10th St., Minneapolis

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