Report: Best Buy Eyeing Sales of Electric Vehicles

Best Buy is reportedly looking into selling electronic vehicles, thus expanding upon its other electronic transportation offerings-including Brammo electric motorcycles.

Local retailer Best Buy Company, Inc., is widely known as a place to buy computers, cell phones, and other common electronics-but the company's stores may soon be stocked with electronic vehicles too.

Automotive News reported earlier this week that Richfield-based Best Buy is considering selling electronic vehicles at its more than 1,000 retail locations.

The move to sell electronic vehicles would expand upon Best Buy's other electronic transportation offerings, including the Brammo electric motorcycles that it currently sells in stores. Within the past year, the company has also landed contracts with Ford and Mitsubishi to install home chargers for their electronic vehicles.

Chad Bell, a senior director who oversees Best Buy's efforts in mobility and transportation, told Automotive News that the company has been in talks with some start-up car manufacturers and has the potential to leverage its large number of retail locations.

“We probably get more traffic in a weekend than some of these [vehicle] dealers do in a month,” Bell told the publication, adding that the company thinks it could also work with traditional automakers.

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