Replica from Movie “Up” Features Andersen Windows

Andersen Corporation's 100 Series windows were used in a replica of the home from the popular Disney/Pixar movie Up.

Even before the highly acclaimed 2009 movie Up debuted on screen, it made local headlines because of its Minnesota connection: Director Pete Docter hails from Bloomington.

But a Minnesota company also has a connection to the Disney/Pixar Studios film: Windows made by Bayport-based Andersen Corporation were featured in a recently created replica of the house in Up-which won several academy awards and was nominated for “best picture.”

Over the summer, a replica of the home was built by South Jordan, Utah-based custom homebuilder Bangerter Homes. Bangerter worked with Disney lawyers over many months to secure the permissions to build the replica and got the go-ahead when Docter stepped in and asked them to make it possible.

When Bangerter was choosing materials for the retro-looking home, it reached out to Andersen and ultimately chose the company's 100 Series windows, which were later painted lavender to match the windows from the film, according to Sarah Voigt, who handles public relations for Andersen.

The 2,800-square-foot home-located in Herriman, Utah-was modeled on its appearance early in the movie when Carl and Ellie Frederickson are happy newlyweds. That was before the couple grappled with infertility and Ellie died, leaving Carl a lonely widower who refused to sell his home to developers that planned to tear it down. In order to keep his home, Carl ties thousands of helium-filled balloons to his roof and floats away in the house, intending to fulfill his dream of visiting South America before it's too late.

The replica home was recently sold for $400,000 to two self-described Disney “fanatics” from Petaluma, California.

Voigt said that Bangerter and Andersen have worked together on other home-building projects in the past.