ProBuild to Close Regional HQ in Winona

A company spokeswoman confirmed that the company plans to consolidate its two Winona offices; some employees will move into the consolidated location, some may be offered the opportunity to relocate to the Denver corporate headquarters, and it's unclear at this point whether any layoffs will result.

ProBuild, a Denver-based building materials supplier, has plans to close its six regional headquarters offices throughout the country-including one in Winona.

Company spokeswoman Jennifer Thurman confirmed on Tuesday that the company plans to close its Winona facility. ProBuild informed its employees last week of the restructuring plans.

In Winona, which currently serves as the company's Midwest regional headquarters, ProBuild will consolidate its two area offices into a single location, which will support the company operations in functional areas such as IT and supply chain, rather than serve as a regional headquarters.

An employee at the Winona office directed all questions to the company's corporate communications department in Denver, which said that it is unable to confirm at this time how many people currently are employed at ProBuild's two Winona offices.

Some of the local operations will be transferred to the company's consolidated Winona office, while other employees may be given the opportunity to relocate to Denver. The company said that it is unclear at this point whether the restructuring will result in layoffs in Winona. The company's goal is to have the transitions completed by the end of the year.

ProBuild has been in discussions about moving a significant portion of its support functions to the company's corporate headquarters in Denver, and the move is meant to realign the company's field organization to be less regional and more “customer-centric.”

ProBuild bills itself as the country's largest supplier of building materials to national builders, local contractors, and “do-it-yourselfers.”

In addition to its Winona offices, ProBuild operates about 30 retail locations in Minnesota-including one in Winona. Those stores will not be affected by the restructuring.

The company intends to close all of its regional headquarters as part of its restructuring. ProBuild's Web site lists five other regional offices in addition to the one in Winona: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Moorestown, New Jersey; Kennesaw, Georgia; Lacey, Washington; and San Diego.