Polaris Adds MN Jobs, Offers Signing Bonuses

Polaris is looking for workers on the Iron Range; separately, it recently launched a new military-grade all-terrain vehicle with “non-pneumatic” tires that never go flat.

Medina-based Polaris Industries is recruiting manufacturing jobs on the Iron Range for its facility in Roseau.
Polaris is seeking assembly operators, welders, painters, material handlers, and other workers at an average pay of about $30,000, on the high end—although certain positions like welders will make more, according to the Virginia Mesabi Daily News.
The snowmobile and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) manufacturer will reportedly hold staff recruiting meetings in Duluth on December 2, Hibbing on December 3, and Grand Rapids on December 4.
Diane Murphy, a representative for Polaris’ staffing agency, told the Virginia newspaper that prospective workers are being offered the following incentives: a $400 sign-up bonus, $750 for relocation expenses, and a $600 bonus for referrals.
Murphy told the newspaper that the Roseau facility was very busy and in need of second and third-shift workers but that the lack of housing for employees relocating has been a drawback.

Meanwhile, Polaris announced last week that it is launching a new ATV with “non-pneumatic tires” (NPT). The “Sportsman WV850 H. O.” with terrain armor is equipped with tires, originally designed for military work, that never go flat and can withstand gunfire. The ATV is capable of carrying 600 pounds of cargo and can tow 1,500 pounds.

850.jpg“We have seen great success with NPTs in military and disaster relief scenarios and are excited to bring this technology to the consumer market for extreme work applications,” David Longren, vice president of Polaris’ off-road division, said in a statement.

The company said “very limited quantities” of the vehicle would be available to consumers in December.

Polaris in September received a contract to sell ultra-light tactical vehicles to the German Army. Because special units will be using the vehicles, a company spokesperson told Twin Cities Business at the time that the value of the contract and the number of vehicles involved would not be disclosed. Polaris also sells the same vehicles, MV850s, to U.S. Special Forces and military allies, as well as to law enforcement agencies.

More recently, the company reportedly introduced an off-road ambulance based on Polaris’ Ranger 6X6 800 model. The ambulance was developed by Polaris and a third party, specifically to handle rough terrains and conditions like those throughout Indian regions where medical help is in high demand.

Polaris eclipsed $1 billion in quarterly sales for the first time in October, driven by higher selling prices, lower product costs, and a continuous stream of new product lines.                           

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