Andrew Wyatt

Want to pitch an investment idead to Wyatt? Get in line (and it's a very long one). Wyatt's popularity skyrocketed with the September 2012 annoucement that New York Life was

James Ulland

Two good reasons to introduce yourself to Ulland: fixed-income returns and oil fields. As the state's chief bank regulator under Gov. Arne Carlson, the special expertise Uuland gained helped him

Jolene Sieben

Sieben's growing collection of acronyms after her name translates to GCS (greater client satisfaction). After adding MBT (master of business taxation) and CMA (certified management accountant) to her CPA credentials
Sara and David Russick

Sara and David Russick

If you're looking to start a startup, receiving celestial seed money from a gathering of angels can seems like divine intervention. In 2012, Sara and David Russick, themselves startup veterans,

Margaret Murphy

With 25 years in banking, Margaret Murphy's enthusiasm is cresting. After two-plus years as chief credit officer for Anchor Bank, Murphy is bullish and then some on 2014. With a
Richard W. Perkins

Richard W. Perkins

It's a formula that portfolio manager Perkins has polished to perfection: Smarts + Performance + Integrity = Loyal Customers. Check Perkins' client list at Perkims Capital Management and you'll find

John Kimball

Over 16 years, Kimball has built a reputation as the go-to guy for SBA loans. In December 2012, he left one Twin Cities bank after 13 years for Central Bank's

Peter J. Johnson

With a nod to Warren Buffet, Johnson's approach to investing is simple: Find companies that have an economic moat and ask them to lower the drawbridge. Mairs and Power's assets

Dean Junkans

The author of Anatomy of Investing, Dean Junkans is leading and coordinating the national investment strategy of Wells Fargo's Wealth, Brokerage and Retirement groups with surgical precision. Junkans, chief investment

Terry Enger

Even though CliftonLarsonAllen was the top-ranked accounting firm in our annual B.I.G. Book of Business Lists, Enger wants you to know that CLA is first and foremost a financial services

David A. Brown`

Nervous that the rollercoaster of the equity markets might reach the end of its steady uphill climb and go into freefall, David Brown, a partner and securities analyst at Sit