Outfitting Your Venue with Visual Flare: ILEA Quick Tips for Event Planners

Outfitting Your Venue with Visual Flare: ILEA Quick Tips for Event Planners

How special event rentals can elevate your event space.

The Twin Cities is full of beautiful venues awaiting your unique style. Choosing the right furnishings and layout will make a huge impact on how to maximize the use of the event space and enhance your guest experience.

If you are planning an event, most likely you will have to place a rental order. Whether is a themed gala, executive meeting, wedding or annual corporate party, special event rentals are indispensable on helping to bring your event design and party to life. Chairs to sofas, linens to bars, tables to tents. The truth is, most events involve at least one rental order, so here are a few tips on using rentals to transform your space:

Cocktail area

Accessorizing your event with upscale furniture will make all the difference. Bring some excitement to the party with LED furniture, add some soft seating, give up the conventional linens and choose a swanky high-top table with an exquisite bar stools to bring a fresh look to your cocktail party.


Furniture rentals achieve both décor and function in an event. Lounges are an easy way to elevate your event décor and can be incorporated into any type of event. A lounge can be turned into a VIP area for event sponsors or be set with an open layout to make for an easier networking. There are many ways you can set up a lounge space. Ideally include at least a sofa, two club chairs, a coffee table, and two end tables. You can style the lounge area by adding a rug, placing a few pillows, bringing an extravagant lamp and even rigging a chandelier above the area for extra lighting and ambiance.   


What’s a party without a bar? Elevate your event décor with a bar that matches the rest of the décor. Acrylic, wood, tufted, or mirrored bars will complete your theme.  Create a unique bar look for your event by adding a laminated logo or cut vinyl graphics to the bar furniture.


What color linen to pick? Color is a powerful tool in event design and sparks a variety of emotions on people influencing on the message you are trying to send to your guests. What kind of experience you want your guests to feel is key to pick the right color scheme for your event and linens. The fewer hues used for a color composition the easier for the audience to absorb. Select two to three key colors and your messages will sustain easier.


Lighting is an essential element in creating an ambience and can make or break your event experience. If the lighting is too dark, the guests may miss important elements on your design.  If the lighting is too bright, it can interfere with the mood. Create a layered combination of lighting to balance the room: Chandeliers, gobos, candlelight, up lighting, luminaries… There are so many ways to go about it. 

Remember your rental specialist is there to provide support to your event design and share knowledge that doesn’t cost you extra. On a quick note about reservations, depending on the scale of the event you want to secure your rentals three to six month prior your event date, and have opportunity to book the best products with plenty of time to settle details.

Event set up days can be stressful, choosing a rental company that provides outstanding communication and have a well-trained, on time, friendly staff, matters. 

Deliveries are made to an area readily accessible to trucks. If you require the setup crew to carry the equipment over a long distance, need delivery upstairs, or via elevator, don’t forget to mention to your event rentals specialist.  

Paloma Mohler is a sales and marketing Executive at BeTHINGS, a boutique rental company that provides curated designer furniture, bars, and chandeliers to help event professionals transform everyday spaces into remarkable places. Paloma is a Midwest-featured events specialist with 20 years of experience in the events industry. Her work has been featured in industry blogs and magazines to include: The Knot, MN Bride, Dainty Obsessions, Mpls St. Paul magazine, Swooned and Knotsvilla. She joined ILEA this year and was part of the Design and Décor Committee for the 2018 ILEA Minnesota Star Awards. 

The International Live Events Association (ILEA) represents and supports more than 5,000 members globally – event professionals who do business together, share knowledge, nurture talent and progress the live events industry. For more information on how an ILEA professional can help you with your event, please contact communications@ilea-msp.org.