Office Envy: MSR Design
Every design element, from the state-of-the-art HVAC system and the gender-inclusive bathroom to the daylight access and lush greenery, supports the design’s major goal: to support the health and well- being of the staff. photos provided by MSR Design.

Office Envy: MSR Design

MSR Design’s new downtown Minneapolis digs prove that the modern workplace can be stylish, sustainable, and inclusive.

Company MSR Design | HQ 510 Marquette Ave. S., Suite 200, Mpls  | Size 14,400 sq. ft.  | Designer MSR Design |  Contractor Stahl Construction

From its use of locally sourced and salvaged materials to the emphasis on light and greenery to a gender-neutral restroom, MSR Design architecture firm’s new downtown Minneapolis studio headquarters proves that the modern workplace can be stylish, sustainable, and inclusive. In fact, the studio, which aims to showcase MSR’s design expertise as well as its company culture, is Minnesota’s first project to earn a Living Building Challenge “Petal” certification, which recognizes efforts to give back to both the environment and society. The centerpiece of the one-floor, minimalist office is a wooden “black box,” built and stained by staff, that serves as a conference room, collaborative focus area, and VR lounge. Desks dot the perimeter of the space to maximize exposure to daylight. MSR intentionally blended independent and team workstations, says MSR Design CEO Traci Lesneski. “We gave people the flexibility to work how they want to work, where they want to work, and let that vary throughout the day—and now, after this last year, that extends outside the boundaries of our office, too.”


dog friendly office
Seamlessly blending old and new, the dog-friendly
office pays homage to the past by retaining exposed and unfinished elements, including flooring from when the building was a Federal Reserve Bank.
A glass portal off the skyway offers passersby a glimpse into the firm’s design process and a clear view of the entire studio, through the VR lab to the individual workstations, windows, and downtown beyond.
open garage door in office
A garage door on the “black box” in the center of the floor gives the space flexibility.

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